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Miswak As Your Oral Hygienic Tool Multiplies the Benefits

Using Miswak as your Oral Hygiene tool simply multiplies the rewards for adhering to the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) as well as health benefits. However here’s the problem: it isn't so simple to make a routine of using miswak.  By incorporating some strategies described below will assist making miswak a routine.

1. Utilize it for 30 Days

You’ve may have heard that whatever you do for Thirty days instantly turns into a habit. If that’s the fact, this ought to be the first step for making the use of miswak a routine.

Getting started today, cleaning your teeth with miswak regularly i.e. before five times prayers, when going to bed or getting up in the morning, for 30 days. You may keep your miswak stick alongside your plastic toothbrush. After 30 days, it will end up a routine, Insha’Allah.

2. Carry it With Yourself

A miswak is simply a stick. It really isn’t something big or bulky. It’s smaller compared to the common highlighter in fact. The best way to make it a habit is to simply carry it with you wherever you go. 

Keep it in your purse or pocket. While going to eat out of home, just take out the miswak and give it a brief wash.  Shortly, Insha’Allah your miswak will become as vital as your vehicle keys or mobile phone.

3. Electronic Digital Alerts

You most likely to have a cellular phone possibly even a tablet. Of course, if you’re reading these lines, you should certainly get access to a minimum of one computer. Place digital alerts to use the Sewak on all of the tools by setting alert messages or a picture with the reminder as your background! Right now when you reply your telephone, or start on the computer, you’ll find the similar reminder: “Brush Teeth with Miswak.”

4. Have Several Miswak

This is a no-brainer. You may have a number of miswak sticks in every single spot you’re likely to routinely visit:

  • In your coat or jacket pocket.
  • Your vehicle.
  • One in your workplace.
  • In your rest room.

Make absolutely certain you don’t keep your miswak where most people are keeping theirs. That may result in certain uncomfortable scenarios.

5. Utilize Flavored Miswak

Miswak features a special flavor, however it’s pretty good. Even so, if you’re not very eager about the taste, you'll find flavored miswak available. Buy a few miswak sticks in mint or strawberry or lemon. You now have no reason not to utilize one.  It must be noted that you need not to use a flavored miswak while fasting though it’s alright to use a regular one.

You will find way too many advantages of utilizing miswak both religious and worldly. Even if there were no health advantages, the Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him) used them and that’s sufficient for us. If that’s a sufficient purpose for you also, let’s develop this glorious Sunnah a part of our everyday life, Insha’Allah.